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How do I sell a musical instrument?

A small guidebook for used instruments

Music is a beautiful hobby and not only playing itself is fun, but also the search for a good musical instrument. But if you buy a new, better instrument, you might want to give less good instruments. But also other reasons, for example financial problems or simply the task of the hobby, lead to a question: How and where do I sell my music instrument used without great value loss? How do I know the realistic market price? How do I get in contact with a reliable and serious buyer?

Basics for the sale of musical instruments

Before you actively use your instruments, you should learn some things. It is important to be able to assess the value of musical instruments.

  1. How marketable is the used instrument? Is it generally popular or rather a niche product? Is it mass merchandise or a collector's item?
  2. Who are the interested parties for the instrument? Is it suitable for children, beginners, hobby players or professional musicians?
  3. How simple is the process of selling? Simply put, keyboards or drums are difficult to transport, wind instruments (such as a trumpet), plucked instruments (guitar) and strings (violin, cello, etc) are usually easier to move - except perhaps a double bass. This is important because many musicians want to test an instrument before buying it.

How can I sell my musical instruments?

Once the first three questions have been clarified, one is concerned about how to offer the instrument. Important are above all facts. Which instrument is it, which manufacturer and which model? How old is it? What accessories are available? All background information should be known, as buyers will have questions about it.

If you opt for an internet sale, you should shoot meaningful photos that document the state of the instrument. For deficiencies one should point out, because these reduce the value of the instrument. It increases the confidence in the seller, however, if he knows defects himself and actively points to them. Do not worry, an instrument is bought used, defects and minor damage are normal. It is important to know whether they affect the function, playability or the sound negatively.

Where can I sell my instruments?

There are now many possibilities to offer an instrument. Each way offers its advantages and disadvantages and influences the effort that one has with the handling. Keyboard instruments, stringed instruments, stringed instruments, wind instruments - nowadays, the Internet seems to be the easiest alternative to anything. But there is more than just a portal where you can place ads, upload pictures and then you can raise your feet - right?

In fact, it is not so easy, because first you have to know the right portal. Sure, the big providers are the first choice, but there are many platforms that are not known to the laity, but where a lot of specialist magazines are bustling. The more special and high-quality the instrument, the better it is in the case of a specialist audience. The cheaper and more suitable for beginners, the easier it is with general classified ads. In any case, it is important to keep an eye on how expensive comparable copies are offered and whether their own price is appropriate.

In addition to the Internet, there are other ways, such as advertisements, especially in trade journals. This can be worthwhile, in spite of higher costs, because here one reaches the right target group directly and can offer above all a high-quality musical instrument. As for classified ads, however, the following applies: You can also contact interested parties who live far away. Therefore, one has to ask beforehand whether one is ready to send a musical instrument by parcel service, whether it is possible at all and how much that costs.

Finally, the classic, physical presentation remains. In addition to general flea markets, many major cities or musicians occasionally offer musicians' lounges, especially for used guitars, basses and accessories. There is also an opportunity for this occasion in music festivals. Here you only meet specialist, but the competition of the seller is great. In addition, a flea market is a paradise for Schnäppchensammler. You can not expect to get too much money for the instrument, because the cheaper it is, the faster the buyers buy.

Who helps me sell musical instruments?

The former are the means by which the instrument itself can be sold. In many cases, however, you need some help with used instruments if you want to achieve a good price and have problems in the logistical handling. A guitar or a violin are quite simple selling objects. But what if you wanted to give these keyboard instruments? Also some large wind instruments and stringed instruments prove to be difficult.

Only a specialist can help here. Many dealers are interested in purchasing, but under certain conditions. The dealer will prepare the instrument and sell it at a good market price. This means that he offers the seller a price well below the market price. Some dealers, however, have specialized in used musical instruments - an aged guitar, a violin or a piano are special collectors' items. In part, they offer an instrument or equipment in good condition on commission. This means that dealers receive a commission but do not buy the instrument, but only present it in the shop. Other traders do so only in the form of a trade-in, ie, when a new instrument is bought.

How quickly and easily can I sell my musical instruments?

How quickly one can bring his instrument to the man therefore depends directly on all the factors mentioned so far. Plucked instruments (guitars and basses) form a large mass market, for example. However, it is often a question of price: the cheaper it is, the faster the buyers.

The more complex, high-quality and less common the instrument is, the more difficult the sales and the more patience you have to muster. A decision is often made on used instruments: if you want to sell quickly, because you need the money urgently, you have to reduce the price accordingly. If you want to achieve a fair price, the search takes longer. Because then a musician has to find who wants to buy exactly this instrument and is willing to pay a reasonable price for it.

How much money can I get for my instrument?

The possible revenue is therefore directly linked to the speed. It is rare that an instrument is advertised today at a high price and has already sold it tomorrow. Other factors are accessories or equipment and, of course, the sound the instrument has developed. Moreover, the more the instrument and the better the condition, the higher the price. One has to adjust to used instruments however on hard negotiations. An interested party will try to reduce the purchase price on the basis of every defect. It is, therefore, important to point out the deficiencies themselves and to confirm that the price has therefore been set lower.

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