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The Harley Benton GS Travel Spruce, the GS Travel Mahogany and the Custom Line CLGS 10S are from the great German music dealer Thomann and belong to his art pieces.

They run under the own brand Harley Benton and offer first-class quality at the lowest price. Guitarists always ask themselves how they come with a mini-budget to the useful to really good travel guitar. Here is the answer to this question.

  1. Harley Benton GS-Travel Spruce
  2. GS Travel Mahogany and Custom Line-CLGS 10S
  3. Thomann Private Brands and Branded Products: Marketing Quality

Harley Benton GS-Travel Spruce

This concert guitar costs ridiculous 79 euros including gig bag and is actually a small Grand Symphony Steelstring. These master guitars are traded around 5,000 euros, they are then Western guitars with steel sides (as the name says). They are, of course, exclusive, consisting of spruce, rosewood, ebony and mahogany, are equipped with fingerboard inserts and 20 frets and feature an expression pickup and gilded controls. Some of it does not bring the little sister Harley Benton GS-Travel Spruce, but others already. The length of the scales is only 48 mm less than with the superteur model, the width of the saddle is 43 mm and is thus somewhat narrow. But this should be so with traveler Guitars. The Harley Benton GS Travel Spruce with a total length of 95 cm fits onto a hat rack, the large and expensive Dreadnought stays safely at home. The body of the Harley Benton GS-Travel Spruce is made of laminated spruce (ceiling and frames) and Magagoni (floor), the arched floor can dispense with the service. The varnish is high gloss, altogether there are 20 frets including dot inlays, on the 14th fret begins the neck with rosewood fretboard. Does this remind us of something? To the exclusive model for 5,000 euros? As a matter of fact. Only the pickup does not have the Harley Benton GS-Travel Spruce, it is finally a travel guitar for the camp fire. With their modern cut head plate black small Die-Cast-Mechanics provide for the tadellose mood.

GS Travel Mahogany and Custom Line-CLGS 10S

The GS Travel Mahogany costs only ten euros more and brings with it a total carcass of mahogany, which gave her her name. Otherwise, it is virtually perfect for the Harley Benton GS Travel Spruce. The custom line-CLGS 10S, which costs only 129 euros and is bought by a guitarist in advance, is even more valuable, but with a solid spruce top, body binding made of rosewood, an attractive soundhole border made of abalone, tortoise-dashboard and ivory-colored bridge insert plus Saddle is equipped. With all three instruments, the intonation (bundle purity), the playability and the string position leave nothing to be desired. There must be - for the sake of clarity - sound limits. In particular, a variety of blankets create a different vibratory behavior. In addition, there are a few masterful tricks of guitar construction behind a master guitar. However, as a traveler guitars, who can only have a song accompaniment at the lake or a relaxing evening-picking on the domestic terrace, these three Harley Bentons are hardly to be surpassed. They are also suitable for the music teacher or kindergarden and for children or young beginners precisely because of the reduced dimensions and the small prices.

We consider this to be extremely positive:

  • Concept and Design
  • solid processing
  • Good strings and supplied bags
  • great value for money

Thomann Private Brands and Branded Products: Marketing Quality

Branded products are nothing new, their development can be traced back to the guilds and guilds of the Middle Ages. The 20th Century, however, invented the "marketing of branded products". The brand received a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a unique value proposition, the unique sales promise. It is suggested to buyers that this brand is very special, and that its users themselves get a USP. I wear this perfume, drive that car and play this master instrument, so I am. This leads to absurd flowers also in the musical instrument area especially with the wooden instruments with body, ie with stringed instruments and with all guitars or guitar-like instruments. A good string instrument, it seems, does not have a five-digit or even four-digit price, it does not sound (according to the popular opinion of experienced strings). No, the violin sounds good starting at 100,000 Euros, for a guitar it should be at least 10,000 euros. This is, of course, proven mischief, but marketing has its own laws. Among other things, the very expensive instruments are also investments, and the capital market therefore carries its price. Thomann is now going the opposite way and has created one of his own brands for guitars with Harley Benton. The products are from well-known manufacturers who are tired of the marketing effort (which is expensive) and prefer to use the uncomplicated recovery chain via Thomann. Such developments are also found elsewhere, for example in the food sector. The advantage for customers: You get brand quality at very reasonable prices. Under Harley Benton Guitars are at least 1.298 products listed, of which 90% are ready for dispatch. Some of these offers are under the Hot Deals of Thomann, 20% of all Thomann buyers already own a Harley Benton product (also accessory). The biggest phenomenon is the return rate of this brand of 0% - anyone who buys a Harley Benton will keep it at all costs. For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that Thomann also creates this with other instruments. The conclusion is: With a purchase of one of the concert guitars presented here, you are guaranteed nothing wrong.

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