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The new Headless of Claas looks elegant, while this rather naked bass can be played fulminating. As a headless bass guitar an outsider, as a single Cutaway is of the Leviathan with it a weird Retro.

The passive buyers also contribute to this vintage feeling as well as the astonishing threaded neck which comes along, however, rather extravagantly blinded. Besides, this strange bass with unorthodox cut mix from Florentinisch and Maccaferri appears. The B4 of Alexander Claas unites this and other contradictoriness masterfully in clear individuality. In the being especially diagonal appearance also fits his very well to an unconventional electric guitar.

Construction and optics

The threaded neck of the Leviathan irritates pleasantly: Mostly basses present themselves in the single cut with continuous neck - the only unilaterally given body stabilises less, with this Claas bass to the eleventh situation. Hence, immediately ten screws the teasing this compact B4 fix.

Matt special varnish with green phosphorescent scratch stripes protects body active around and at the same time square of mahogany. In the neck lie three strips of hard and elastic Wenge as well as two patrols maple. 24 stainless steel collars as well as the zero bundle divide the finger-board of ebony as an end of the Longscale-Mensur.

In the string holder socket screws fix four tonal sources. There the instep rod of the neck is regulated comfortably. Four single bridges (monorail) on the body integrate her tuners and offer three dimensions for adjusting of the string situation.

Innovative pickup

The passive Leviathan uses two modern Aluma-J-Singlecoils of Lace for clear sound. Parallel ingot magnets complete the rather minimalist pickup. Instead of classical varnish windings of copper prove striving of the Pu case strongly niederohmige, primary Aufwärtsübertragung. From this optimised design there flows a regular source level with very good Brummlöschung whose elegance and effectiveness strongly reminds of a Humbucker. Thus a PU-Überblender and Volume regulator reach to the tonal check gift and passing on. However, in the electric field enough place is found for supplements of the aftertreatment.

Pleasant play practice

In the body lowered and lockable strap holders a la Dunlop contribute to the organic appearance of the Leviathan. This Headless hangs very well balanced with light 3.5 kilogrammes. Deep situations end need getting used to near in the body, for it most players reach higher situations without problems. However, after the last both collars many might stretch themselves something: Otherwise, with shorter cervical surplus to the body the elegantly long bass look loses itself just with a Headless.

Harmonic sound

The acoustically especially directly responding Leviathan punches electrically rather oppressive and grumbles concentric-warmly. Also the well-balanced brilliance does not let think of optimisation need. Besides, the timbre tunes of the PU crossfader variously, whether Jaco or wide background. Sound fetishists order her Leviathan, in addition, with individual active electronics.

Manufacturer informations:

  • Website: Claas Guitars
  • The visual material is protected by copyright. © Alexander Claas, 2016
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