Free classifieds Setup Service

The classifieds-setup service at Audio.Deals

You do not have time to set up the whole classifieds for your used musical instruments or devices? Then let us do it for you! We offer this for the entire product range, completely free of charge. From guitars to basses, wind instruments, event engineering and sound reinforcement.

Save your precious time and leave the presentation to us.

How does the classifieds setup service work?

  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the data of your music instrument or device, as well as meaningful pictures. (one device per e-mail)
  2. Or send a link to an already existing small advertisement on another portal and confirm by e-mail that you are the author of this and their pictures.
  3. After a thorough examination we will create the small advertisement and you will receive an e-mail with the access data to your profile. There you can, of course, check all ads and adjust them as you like.

Required information for your small display of your used musical instrument

  1. we need your full name, postal code and place of residence
  2. Your price setting for the musical instrument / device
  3. under which product group it falls (guitars / brass / etc.), the brand and the model
  4. optional color and year of manufacture
  5. a detailed description of the device, at least 3 phrases, deficiencies
  6. the user name under which you want to be registered
  7. a telephone number for queries (optional)
  8. Would you like to be a private person or a dealer? (Please also provide a copy of the commercial registration, company name, VAT number, telephone number and the complete address)


There is no legal right to this service. A maximum of 3 e-mails per day are processed per user. The value of the used musical instrument / device should be at least 50 euros. The emphasis is on „used”. New products are excluded from this offer.

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