Bro Creation MOON VIBE Snare Drum 14"x5.5"

Bro Creation MOON VIBE Snare Drum 14"x5.5" Bild 1


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  ↵ The MOON VIBE has an aggressive tone and powerful projection. The 9 ply ALL BIRCH WVT construction shells have naturally enhanced lows and highs. Excellent balance of crispness to tone.  MOON Vibe drums as well as the other BRO Creation drum shells are not polished or painted, instead they are treated with 100% organic linseed oil.     KIT BIG KIT SNARES TomTom 12"x9" 12"x9" 14”x6,5” 14"x5,5" FloorTom 14"x12" 14"x12" 16"x14" 13"x5,5" 14”x3,5” Bass Drum 20"x18" 22"x18"       WOOD VIBE TECHNOLOGY Wood Vibe Technology was designed to process our manufacturing materials with vibrations of sound.     ABOUT "WVT" Wood Vibe Technology is designed to precess our manufacturing materials with vibrations of sound. To help you understand the basics of this technology and its influence on the product we will briefly introduce you to the main aspects and featurees of this technique. Different materials, such as timber, metal, plastic in different shapes and sizes have different timbre when used
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