Keyboard Moog One 16-voice Analog Synthesizer

Keyboard Moog One 16-voice Analog Synthesizer Bild 1
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Marke:Musical Technology
Modell:Moog One 16-voice Analog Synthesizer
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The Ultimate Moog Dream Synth
As the first polyphonic Moog synthesizer in more than three decades, Moog One spearheads a new era of analog synthesis. Handcrafted at the Moog factory in Asheville, North Carolina, Moog One is a programmable, tri-timbral analog synth featuring an intuitive tactile interface that transcends the boundary between instrument and artist, allowing you to achieve your musical goals unimpeded. And then, of course, there’s that legendary Moog sound. Moog analog circuits are renowned for their unrivaled punch and rich harmonics, and Moog One represents the definitive evolution of these classic circuits. Years of research went into this analog dream synth, and it shows in every aspect of its masterful design. Under your fingers, Moog One will exceed your every expectation as it inspires your musical creativity and opens portals to a vast sonic universe

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